Model Econ

Interactive Economics Education.

Model Econ

Model Econ is the platform for economics education. We make learning more enjoyable through our interactive content and practical through our examples and world data. Model Econ has been designed to engage students and develop their full potential and interests. We allow teachers to obtain valuable data on what students find hard and easily assign practical activities or create new custom content.


  • Engaging interactive content and economic simulators
  • Student dashboard and gamification
  • Teacher dashboard with student data insights
  • World data page
  • Interactive content creator
  • School Research Trials Round 2 (Open)

    We are offering free access to the platform to faculty and students of economics classes for years 10, 11 and 12 to our expanded Round 2 concept trials undertaken at the University of Queensland.

    Our platform is fully operational and has been tested by 5 Queensland Schools that participated in round one. New features and additional tools will be available for the second version of Model Econ coming soon.

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