Model Econ

Interactive Economics Education.

Academic Research - School Trials Term 1 and 2 2019

Model Econ will take part in academic research of the University of Queensland that will test the impact of the use of technology in academic outcomes. We are looking for schools to participate in the study in their year 11 economics classes. All schools offering year 11 economics are eligible to participate and will be accepted. The Model Econ tools and content follows the QCAA General Senior Syllabus 2019 for economics. Schools will recieve the Model Econ tools and services during the trial at no cost.

Participation requires year 11 economics classes to use Model Econ simulators in a frequency of one time per week or fortnight inside of class followed by a small examination at the end of term 2 in class.

The Offer

  • Have the opportunity to participate in innovative research
  • Service and tools will be provided to the schools for starting on term 1 2019
  • Recieve a report on which elements (such as gamification and instant feedback) have the biggest impact on learning

Contact us to arrange a meeting at your school or to recieve our information booklet.


Learning economic concepts can be simplified by simulators. Simulators are based on a model or graph as seen in a traditional textbook but add more functionality and interactivity to bring it to life and create a deep learning experience.


Readily available data is critical to connect the theory in economics with real-life trends and events. Our economic dashboard recollects key economic indicators from different countries statistical agencies and updates it as soon as new information is released. We add interaction to data graphs to allow for better understanding and engagement.

Immersive Platform

Our platform allows an immersive experience where it is easy to interact with the data, simulators, and course content. This allows to seamlessly discover, learn and connect economic theory to real events that happen on a day to day, domestic and international level with the power of one click.

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