Teacher Experience

A platform for teachers

Model Econ looks to be the go-to educational platform for economics. For us, this means not only giving students a great experience but also giving the tools to teachers to make an impact, from assigning practical and engaging activities to creating new content, quizzes and adapting their class through detailed student insights.

The Teacher Dashboard

The teacher dashboard allows the teacher to assign activities, control the content, monitor student performance and obtain deep insights. Most teachers choose to leave all activities open. However, some prefer to cover the topics before students get access to the material. The teacher dashboard allows also to see which students have completed the chapters and what grades they have achieved.

We strongly encourage teachers to collaborate closely with us, so we can continuously release new tools and updates that can make a difference.


The insights tab of the teacher dashboard provides more detailed information into how many times a student has attempted to do a chapter, what date they attempted it, and what grades they got on each specific question. This has the purpose of being a tool that can hint into challenging topics or questions for students as well as provide more data into how students interact with content and with quizzes.

Content Creator

We provide base economics content that the teachers can use straight away. However, we also allow teachers to modify this content to suit their teaching style or to create custom chapters. All of this can be done inside our platform through our content creator. The content creator allows teachers to create fast, high quality and interactive new activities, explanations and quizzes. The best use for the content creator is when it is used with recently released data or economic events that can engage students and allow them to connect the theory to the world.

World Data

The World Data page brings together data from several countries in an accessible dashboard. It is a great tool to assign activities and relate theory back to real life data and events. It includes over 100+ countries and several indicators grouped by topics. Students can interact with graphs, download the data in an excel file and see the source of the data.