Student Experience

What is different about Model Econ?

Model Econ has been designed by a collaboration of educators with university students and graduates of diverse backgrounds including economics. The aim of Model Econ is to make learning more enjoyable, interesting and practical right from the start.

The Student Dashboard

The student dashboard is the main place for a student to access the modules and check their progress. Model Econ rewards effort and gives students as much data as possible to take charge of their learning.


Each chapter usually has an explanation section, an interactive activity, and a section to test yourself. Chapters are small sections based on topics learned in class or relevant to a world topic. These chapters are meant to give the student a better and deeper understanding and provide a more engaging experience than reading a textbook. Each module provides a score and can be taken several times.


The social aspect of learning is important and will be highlighted in the new community tab of the platform. This feature is coming soon and will include different elements including a friendly social ranking, multiplayer student exercises, and community encouragement when completing exercises.

World Data

An important focus of learning economics should be understanding the world and having practical knowledge. The world data page brings data from several countries to students in a friendly accessible dashboard. This page allows students to interact with graphs, explore dates and use the data for applied activities and reflection.