For Schools

Model Econ is an education platform that provides interactive content, data, and student insights.

Product Information

This platform is designed to cover curriculum requirements and as a tool to support teachers. The platform is accessible through on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
Research trials are underway to study the effects of the platform in students motivations and outcomes. These trials are being carried at the University of Queensland, Australia.

The teacher assigns activities to students based on the curriculum material, other content created by the teacher and quizzes. However, this platform can be used straight away and further teacher contributions or customisation is optional.

The suggested implementation is for use in class after the main teaching materials have been taught by the teacher.


Our platform allows the fast creation of content to meet different curriculum requirements and needs. The content in the platform can be edited by teachers and tailored for their class and teaching style.

Current content for year 11 economics has been designed following the QCAA: Economics 2019 - General Senior Syllabus.

Other curriculums:
If you would want to match other curriculum or would want to work with custom school content it is possible. Contact us to discuss further.


We can showcase our demo at the school or set up a demo account for teachers to log in and explore the platform. To find out more or arrange a demo, contact us.
Making sure this platform matches a school's needs is important. For that reason, we can also offer a 2 month trial period. In addition to this, we are happy to collaborate on special requests.

We can work together and set metrics on what a successful trial would look like and then proceed with the right option.


Due to the ongoing research trials, your school may be eligible to participate at no cost. Alternatively, pricing may vary between size and use. Please contact us with the specifics to get an accessible quote or find out more.

We offer teacher training sessions at no cost to schools in the local Brisbane area. For distant schools, we can provide training videos and video calls. Training sessions include information about managing the platform, best implementation practices, leveraging student data and creating new content.


Things should run smoothly. However, we will provide quick support for any difficulty that arises.
We can provide training in site sessions or online training resources when requested.

School Implementation: For successful implementations, we recommend a lead teacher to be our main contact and overseeing it. A registration page to create all the accounts can be quickly set up for the participating classes.

Data Privacy

We take data privacy very seriously. Considering the importance of data privacy, we ensure our data collection and storage is secure and protected, do not accept advertisers and do not distribute to third parties other than to provide our service. Our data is hosted in Australia and is subject to its privacy laws. We limit access and have policies in place to deal with such data.

Special Circumstances: Under special circumstances, the school may request to use an id to identify students and leave out their names.

Student Accounts

There are different ways to create student accounts.

    1) We can create the accounts and send their information to their email.
    2) We set up a special signup page for students to manually sign up.

Important Notes:

    Student data will only be used to provide our services and not marketing purposes.
    Schools own all personal identifiable student data.

Parental consent might be required and may have to be requested by the school. We can provide useful information about us and how we operate to support this process.
To know more about the student experience look at "for students".