Who we are

Model Econ is an education technology startup that has the mission of improving the perception and accessibility of economics while linking topics to real data and world events. Model Econ was part of the University of Queensland iLab Accelerator germinate 12 program.

Our Services

We are building tools for educator including an interactive content builder and a data central to easily retrieve, graph, share and make into activities. For students we are buidling interactive content and simulators that allow to obtain the deep understanding, engagement and practical application. These tools are being developed initially for Queensland high schools and will support the economics syllabus for years 11 and 12. We make the learning fun, interactive, interesting and practical in every part of economics. We are also building simulators for University level economics.

Core belief

We believe that economics has a lot to offer and everyone can benefit from it at any stage. Through a structured approach that uses relatable explanations, interactive learning and real examples, anyone can learn economics through our immersive platform. Our platform brings the power of technology to the teaching and learning of economics and gives students direct and engaging contact with the content.


  • Engaging and relevant
  • Instant feedback learning
  • Connected to the real world
  • Teacher oversee progress and results
  • Potential for flipped classroom