About Us

Model Econ is the platform for economics education. We make learning more enjoyable through our interactive content and incorporate real world data and examples to make it practical and engage students. Model Econ has been designed to engage students and develop their full potential and interests. We allow teachers to obtain valuable data on their student's performance, what students find hard, as well as easily assign practical activities or create new custom content.

Our Journey

Model Econ is an education technology startup that was originally founded in 2018 by students and graduates of the University of Queensland, Australia. It all started with an idea that we developed through attending the university lectures on international economics. What we were learning was fascinating but was missing the technological aspect to bring it to life. From there, we started a journey that led us through several ideas and pivots until we discovered the need for an interactive, engaging and practical learning platform.

Ilab Accelerator - University of Queensland

We were part of the Ilab Accelerator Germinate 12 program which consisted of a three-month intensive program to develop our idea, validate it and build our platform. We received seed funding, an entrepreneur in residence to mentor us through the program (Peter Laurie) and access to the Ilab network of mentors and startups.


Our Platform

Our platform includes a student dashboard, teacher dashboard, world page, and content creator. The student dashboard allows students to access interactive and engaging content created by us, by other teachers or by the main teacher. It also allows students to receive rewards for their efforts, track their process, and obtain feedback on their performance. The teacher dashboard allows teachers to control the content, create new interactive content, see students grades and deeper insights on what they find challenging. Finally, the world page contains real data of several countries easily accessible, available for download and which provides a good way to set activities.